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We approach the issue of venous circulation as a whole, because we know that due to its complexity, a fragmentary look limited only to the jugular veins or the azygos vein system is insufficient.

We check for abnormalities in blood flow that also occur in the venous sinuses of the skull with their main sources of supply, in the superior and inferior caval vein and in the main venous outflows from the spinal canal.

We illustrate the entire vascular system of the patient using 3-tesla magnetic resonance with a very high resolution applying a specially developed protocol of Dr. Schelling, which is an extension of the protocol of Prof. Haacke.

Patients feedback after CCSVI therapy

What is the CCSVI?

CCSVI is a chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency. This is a medical condition that occurs when the outflow of blood from the brain and spinal cord is disturbed. There may be many causes of this disease: constriction of veins, blockages, valve damage or other deformations that prevent proper blood flow.

Based on the hypothesis, in patients diagnosed with CCSVI, venous blood remains in the central nervous system for too long or retreats to the brain or spinal cord due to reflux. This should lead to a cascade of biological effects, the final stage of which is inflammation and demyelination, as in multiple sclerosis.

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