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What is CCSVI?
Author: CCSVI Clinic

What is CCSVI?

CCSVI is a chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency. A condition that causes the blood to escape freely from the brain and spinal cord. There may be many reasons for the difficult outflow. These are:

  • venous stenosis
  • lock damage to the valves
  • other types of deformations.

As a result, the body can not drain blood from the brain in an optimal way and develops collateral circulation, which is not as efficient anymore. As a result of the lack of blood circulation, permanent malnutrition and hypoxia of the brain and spinal cord occur. There are inflammations and demyelinating processes characteristic of multiple sclerosis. Interestingly, according to the hypothesis put forward by prof. Zamboniego is the deformation of the venous system and the emergence of inflammation, can lead to autoimmune reaction and multiple sclerosis. The hypothesis is justified in the permanent or transient improvement of the health condition of patients with MS (multiple sclerosis) undergoing vein clearing treatment.

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