CCSVI Clinic operates in an international group

CCSVI Clinic operates in an international group
Author: CCSVI Clinic

We are pleased to inform you that in the second half of January in our clinic we hosted the world-renowned vascular surgeon prof. Salvatore Sclafani and Dr. Franz Schelling, who is the authority in the diagnosis of venous deformities. Our guests actively participated in both pre-operative and surgical tests.

Dr Franz Schelling is a CCSVI Clinic consultant. The research program, in particular the part devoted to diagnostics and invasive therapeutic methods, was created on the basis of its guidelines. Dr. Schelling is widely recognized as the world's best specialist, combining deformity of veins and their effect on the symptoms of MS. After over 3 decades of research, prof. Schelling was honored with the INSVD gold medal (the highest CCSVI distinction) for seeking a connection between chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency and multiple sclerosis.

Professor Sclafani is a surgeon with 40 years of experience operating in New York every day. Specialist in clearing vessels around the chest and neck. President of the American Society for Interventional Radiology. The professor assisted during several operations, sharing knowledge with our team. It was a special experience for us, because so-far we specialized mainly in clearing intracranial vessels. Skills of prof. Sclafanie and our surgeons are perfectly complementary. The quality and innovation of the operations carried out was at the highest world level.

Today we can announce that cooperation with prof. Sclafani and Dr. Schelling will be maintained. We are eagerly awaiting the next visit and the next joint treatments.

Records for subsequent operations are already in progress.


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