How to help people with multiple sclerosis?

How to help people with multiple sclerosis?
Author: Cezary Głuch - the founder of the clinic

Dear readers,

in March this year, we launched our clinic. A place where patients with multiple sclerosis can undergo modern diagnostics and therapy with very promising results.

The clinic operates at the HCP Medical Center in Poznan. It implements an innovative research program approved by the Bioethical Commission. The program relies on the assessment of the correlation between venous obstruction and progressive symptoms attributed to multiple sclerosis. Our patients are first subjected to diagnostics and then therapy consisting in the improvement of flows in the entire venous system.

Officially, modern medicine treats multiple sclerosis as an incurable disease of unknown origin. Meanwhile, after our treatments, many patients return to their former life and fitness. We achieve the best results in young people who have been suffering from MS recently. Many of them observe a significant improvement immediately after awakening. The effect is often amazing and stunned not only patients, but also medical personnel.

Every day, high-class specialists in the field of neuroscience and interventional radiology work in the clinic. Several dozen patients have been treated since the beginning of the therapy. Importantly, each of the persons participating in our research project is covered by a 3-year observation from the moment of performing the procedure. It aims to determine the effectiveness of therapy and to detect possible relapses as soon as possible.

So far, 72% of patients have operated on a commercial basis. The remaining 28% use the therapy free of charge or with partial funding from my side.

I am proud of this undertaking, but I am aware that the information about new MS treatment options has not yet reached many potential patients.

I have a hot request for you to share this information with as many friends as possible. Perhaps there will be people among them whom we will be able to help.