Boreliosis Project Why

The issue of cast diseases is an increasingly growing health, social and clinical problem. It concerns Poland, Europe and the world. We can observe growing doubts and even conflicts concerning the application of various diagnostic and therapeutic strategies based on valid medical recommendations in relation to "non-medical" ones. Many publications claim that there is a lack of scientific and clinical evidence of the soundness, effectiveness and safety of other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, which are described as alternative. In this group there is practically everything except IDSA/CDC recommendation: ILADS, BRT - Bioresonance, Phytotherapy, Diet and Supplementation.

Progress in science, including through research and clinical projects, serves to verify new, so far not recommended health activities: diagnostic and therapeutic.

The thesis of the lack of medical rationale and clinical "alternative" proceedings is precisely the basic premise for a clinical trial to verify medical and "alternative" recommendations.

Medicine is aimed at effectively assisting the patient in his illness, taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by the development of various scientific fields and technological progress.

Scientific and clinical research serves the development of medicine primarily for the benefit of the patient, who should be the subject of all activities leading from disease to health.

The VBHC principle should be a key criterion in the evaluation of medical and clinical proceedings.

The current situation in Poland in the field of decalcified diseases is far from the VBHC principles. That is why it is so important to carry out a research project, which is supposed to "audit" the situation and to present recommendations - on the basis of the results obtained - on how to deal with the issue of decalcified diseases.

The use of commonly modern information and communication technologies focused on patient feedback in the following areas: symptomatic, diagnostic, disease, therapeutic, prophylactic, and its evaluation of medical and alternative procedures, so called patient satisfaction may cause a significant change in the perception of the problem in the following areas: medical, clinical, social and public health.

At present, we do not know how many people actually suffer from Lyme borreliosis and other decayed diseases. We only know how much the official epidemiological statistics give us. And how many people are there who are not in the statistics and can be ill without knowing it. Maybe we are on the eve of opening a Pandora's box?

Estimates say that the actual number of sick people is even 10 times the number of epidemiological reports.
Why there are such large discrepancies is also an issue to be explained in the research project.

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