What kind of information and tests do I need to provide before arriving at the clinic?

We ask the patient to fill in the documents which we will send via e-mail (information about diagnosed diseases, procedures and surgeries, as well as about any medications the patient is taking). The doctor may order blood tests.

I have a magnetic resonance imaging done. Do I have to do it again in the clinic?

Yes, all diagnostics, including magnetic resonance of the venous system is performed in the clinic in accordance with a special protocol.

Are the costs of diagnostics included in the price?

Yes, the Programme includes pre-surgical diagnostics with magnetic resonance imaging of the venous system (angio-MRI), which is an initial qualification for the Programme, and post-surgical diagnostics.

Do I have to stop taking medication prescribed by my doctor?

In the documentation sent to us before joining the Programme, please specify the medications you are taking. In some cases, the doctor may decide whether to stop taking the medication for the duration of the procedure.

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