Krzysztof first patient

"I will briefly describe what was the biggest problem for me and what has improved."

1. Balance

  • the frequency of lost balance has decreased (before - quite frequent lost of balance and falls);
  • to put clothes on in a standing position starts to be possible (before - it is not possible to dress in a standing position);

2. Strength of muscles

  • the possibility of walking longer distance (before - walking a distance of 50 meters was difficult);
  • easier to stand in a upright position (before - holding the upright position resulted in a shaking of the legs and taking on a slouch position);
  • to climb on steps with much less support (before - climbing on steps with great difficulty and always with the help of handrails);
  • it is easier to lay down on the bed without pulling the legs up with hands (before - when laying down on the bed it was necessary to pull the legs up with hands);
  • the bladder muscle is much more efficient (before - problems with urine continence);
  • a significant improvement in sex life (before - problems in sex life);

Update - June 2018

  • the frequency of night-time convulsions and contractions has decreased;
  • improvement in mental health, significantly less nervousness and irritability;
  • improvement in the quality of walking. The next changes are probably a matter of time, we are waiting for further progress;

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Piotr W.

Piotr W. June 2018

My name is Piotr Węcka, I am 53 years old and I' ve been suffering from multiple sclerosis for 20 years. Currently, due to a large dysfunction of my upper and lower limbs, I move only with the use of a wheelchair. In June I participated in a research project carried out by the CCSVI Clinic. The CCSVI treatment took place in the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wroclaw.

The procedure to remove deformations in veins took 6 hours. Immediately after being woken and warmed up with a thermal blanket, I started to feel the improvement of blood circulation in the whole body. Before the procedure I often suffered from the coldness, my legs and hands were icy cold. Now, this feeling does not appear. I wanted to highlight that after the procedure the quality of my life has improved significantly.

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Filip S.

Filip S. August 2018

Patients feedback - Pre-surgical, post-surgery and a month after the procedure.

My name is Filip. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004. At first I was treated with steroids, then in 2009 Betaferon was introduced, which I have been taking since then. In August I underwent the procedure of unblocking the veins. The changes that I observed immediately after the surgery were the sensations associated with the right leg (which was previously weak), primarily the increase in strength, and the sensitivity of the leg. Straight after the surgery I was walking much better.

At the moment, being two weeks after the procedure, I see a difference in my everyday life. Previously, putting on shoes or socks was a problem for me, I had to take strange positions to do this. Now I don't have such a problem any more. I have no problem getting up, I don't have to support myself. I feel more confident in moving around. During the rehabilitation camp, each day I was able to increase the distance which I cycled on a stationary bike. I also noticed a better quality of sleep, I sleep well. I do not slouch when I sit. Overall, I have more strength. Also, I gradually reduce the dose of Betaferon. I walk much more confidently and I increase distances.

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