Post-surgical diagnostics

Post-surgical diagnostics is designed to check the patient's condition after the procedure. The most important element of this diagnosis is the re-performing of magnetic resonance of the vascular system and neurological examination. Angio MRI allows you to determine whether you have succeeded in restoring normal blood circulation, and the neurological examination shows the extent to which the procedure has affected the overall condition of the patient.

1.Post-surgical consultations.

Duration approx. 60-90 minutes.

2. Magnetic resonance of the venous system (angio-MRI) with administration of a contrast agent.

Duration approx. 60-90 minutes.

3. Neurological examination to assess the patient's medical condition after the procedure.

The examination lasts about 60 minutes.

4. A survey showing the patient's medical condition after angioplasty.

The patient fills in a specially prepared questionnaire, thanks to which we are able to determine which symptoms of the disease have been eliminated immediately, and which severity has decreased.

Approximately six months after the procedure, the patient will be asked to complete an additional questionnaire, perform a neurological examination and MRI scan according to the protocol provided by us.

This will allow us to monitor the patient's condition and conduct research on further development of CCSVI treatment.

The first effects of restoring correct blood circulation are visible as early as in the first hours after the procedure. However, it usually takes several months to full recovery and has a different progress for each patient.

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