Programme description

The Therapeutic and Research Programme has been developed by specialists in neurology, neurosurgery, interventional radiology and clinical psychology. It includes a full patient care, starting from complex diagnostics, through the procedure to post-surgical diagnostics as well as a three-year post-surgical monitoring of the patient's medical condition. Thanks to continuous contact with the patient, we are able to conduct research in order to provide long-term care and to collect scientific data for the analysis of various medical aspects related to CCSVI. All procedures, both diagnostic and interventional, are carried out in our clinic.

The therapeutic and research programme includes:

Admission to the hospital, examination and review of diagnostic tests, surgery, observation and examination after surgery.

1. Pre-surgical diagnostics:

  • magnetic resonance of the venous system (angio-MRI);
  • laboratory tests;
  • chest X-ray (CXR);
  • ECG (electrocardiogram of the heart);
  • venous system analysis on 3D models;
  • neurological examination;
  • consultation with the interventional radiologist;

2. Treatment procedure:

  • phlebographic diagnostics and angioplasty procedure with the use of angiograph;
  • endovascular ultrasound examination performed with the IVUS;
  • measurements of pressure gradients in veins;

3. Post-surgical diagnostics:

  • post-surgical consultations;
  • magnetic resonance of the venous system (angio-MRI);
  • neurological examination;

4. 3-day stay at the clinic (overnight stay with meals included)

5. Regular follow-up visits to monitor patient's health condition

By joining the Programme, the patient participates in a research project as part of a clinical study "Hemodynamic parameters and tissue biochemistry disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis co-existing with chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency. (CCSVI vs.SM)". The study has been approved by the Bioethics Committee at the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław, Research and Development Centre, 51-124 Wrocław, ul. Kamieńskiego 73A. The Bioethics Committee supervises the health care, safety and rights of the patient included in the study.
The study protocol was approved by the Bioethics Committee.

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